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VacAttack has an excellent service team to repair and maintain your COMMERCIAL or DOMESTIC cleaners

VacAttack test and strip the machine to a bare shell carefully inspecting every part for wear and tear. At this point if any parts are beyond their best, or are not functioning properly we will make a full list of the parts needed. We will then call you before starting work to have a good chat about the machine and it’s condition, we will then explain what parts are needed, if any. Once everything is cleaned and polished, All parts and then lubricated and assembled to an extremely high standard, paying careful attention to setting up the machine to perform like new. There are a lot of variables on a vacuum and it’s essential these are set up correctly to get the maximum performance out of it. Now your machine has been rebuild we give it a good test, This is where we make the final adjustments to the machine and once we are happy that it’s 100% we will then carefully pack the machine and return it to you the very next day.

For fast, efficient ways to keep your Kirby Vacuum Cleaner working as good as new, contact VacAttack today.